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Temporally substitution of Production Manager position to produce aluminum components and reporting to CEO in Europe


  • Production planning: considering machine capacities, people skills and raw material sources base on production targets and sales forecast
  • Production control: successful implementation of production planning. It aims at completing production well in time and with lesser costs. A proper system of production control ensures continuous production, lesser work-in-progress, and minimization of waste
  • Automotive management standards: PPAP´s, SMED´s, Run and Rates for different new models 
  • Quality control: coordinate with production and quality people to get required quality of the product. Controlling the negative variables which affect the ultimate quality of a product.
  • Method analysis: determinate alternative methods for manufacturing the products based on methods to be economical looking for minimizing the cost of production and improving productivity.
  • Inventory control: keep proper control over the inventory. Determinate economic order size, maximum, minimum, average, and prevent danger levels of materials so that problems of overstocking and understocking do not arise,
  • Plant layout: review proper arrangement for lay out changes according with new machines reception for new models considering; men, money, materials, and methods of production inside the factory. It was concerned with maximum and effective utilization of available resources at minimum operating costs.
  • Work measurement: follow up of production indicators and establishment of new ones per machine, operator and model, for productivity, metal recovery and cost to achieve objectives, and solve with the people any variation about it to get performance requested.
  • Other functions: coordination with Human Resources, Quality, Engineering, Administration as Safety Program, People Evaluations, training programs, personal rotation, meetings with customers