AluMag® is “The Market Developer” that successfully penetrates new markets, creates business and localize leading supplier for your company. AluMag® access any promising markets and open doors for your business – regardless of region, market, application, material, process or product. AluMag® Makes You Successful - Worldwide!
  • Aluminium Extrusion Customer Database
    - Industrial, Automotive, Truck & Trailers
  • Foundry & Tool Maker Database
    - Aluminium, Magnesium, Zamak, Iron
  • Automotive Application, Material & Process Analyses
    - Subframes, knuckles, BIW Parts, Cylinder Heads, Sunroofs
  • Various Industrial Application Research & Analyses
  • Analysis and Development
  • Market Opportunities
  • Accelerate Market Penetration
  • Manage New Product Launches
  • Establish a Sales Force
  • Sales on Demand
  • Warehousing and Distribution Service
  • Supplier & Tie-up Localization
  • Identification and Trade-off of new Technology
  • Foreign Market Business Cases and whose Realization
  • Organization of Technical and Commercial Roadshows
  • Oversea Commercial and Technical Events
  • Host In-House Events and Presentation
  • Common Technology Booth at Leading Exhibitions
The “Automotive Lightweight Procurement Symposium” is the only international symposium focused on automotive
lightweighting, supply chain and procurement management. The symposium is held in the days leading up to the
ALUMINIUM Exhibition in Europe (Duesseldorf, Germany) North America (Detroit, USA) and Asia (Shanghai, China).