Global Cast and Forged Alloy Wheel Market


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Worldwide the market for OE aluminum wheels is expected to grow with 0,91% in the period 2014-2015 within light weight vehicles.  From 44% in 2014 to 45% in 2015. In the period 2014-2029 a growth rate of 7% points is expected which will bring the worldwide penetration of OE aluminum wheels up to 51% in 2029. The Highest growth rates in the period 2014-2029 are expected in China [14% points], Japan [13,5% points] and Central Europe [15% points]. 

Cast wheels will remain the preferred alloy wheel for light weight vehicles while the penetration of forged wheels is expected to grow moderate over the coming years.

Today forged wheels are primarily used on high end vehicles and sports cars, but the booming electric vehicle segment Could boost the penetration of forging wheels in the near future. On the other hand new hybrid wheels to be launched by Maxion / Thyssen could become a threat to forging wheels manufacturers.

The penetration of forged wheels within commercial vehicles [Medium – heavy duty trucks, trailers and buses] is 13% on average in the analyzed regions.  Again Nafta is the market with the highest penetration rate of forged wheels with 40%. Trailers and trucks in Nafta has in general more axles compared to other regions,..

Study was executed in year 2016/2017.


  • World – 7 points
  • China – 14 points
  • Japan – 13.5 points
  • Central Europe – 15 points