HPDC Tool Shop Analysis

In the course of a strategic localization analysis for a major European Tier-1 supplier of powertrain applications, AluMag created a High Pressure Die Cast Tool Shop Supplier Database for the Region NAFTA. The database is currently being expanded to also include China & Europe.


The NAFTA market was analysed for HPDC Tool Shops  capable of supplying dies suitable for at least 1000 tons clamping force machines.
In all 43 groups with 47 HPDC Tool Shops have been detected in the NAFTA region.

Available Data For Each Tool Shop:

  • Full plant address
  • Contact person
  • Partner company relations
  • HPDC dies by size in production
    • Tools  1000 [T] to 2500 [T]
    • Tools > 2500 [T]
  • In-house discharge machining & engineering capabilities
  • Main customers & product references
  • Certifications
  • Yearly tool capacity