Strategic Localization

AluMag® has the global expertise to search, identify, evaluate and validate potential strategic business opportunities for expansions and partnerships that will assist your business growth plans regionally and globally. Whether it is metal or plastic or land, sea or air in application, our experience with product, process and materials is global with personnel active in Europe, India, China, Japan, Mexico and the US.

  • Search, develop and present potential acquisition candidates for regional and global business expansion
  • Localization of new manufacturing / service sites for business expansions
  • Identification of new technology supplier development about product, processes and materials
  • Search, develop and present potential business partners / suppliers to support regional and/or global supply programs
  • Identify and present:
    • Existing barriers to current and/or new business participation
    • Potential competitor profiles for new or existing business in non-presence geographies
    • New emerging technologies and processes for business expansion