Aluminium Applications In Electric Cars And Charging Infrastructure

AluMag® Automotive GmbH has executed the analysis “Global Aluminium Applications In Electric Vehicles And Charging Infrastructure”. First step was, to provide producers of light weight materials, system integrators and OEMs an overview of future material applications needed for electric vehicles and for the buildup of the electric vehicle infrastructure. The survey with 665 PPT pages is primarily focused on the three regions NAFTA, EU and East Asia, but also other foreign market players, solutions and projects have been considered in the analysis. At this time about 251 companies, all with a confirmed or potential demand for light weight materials, have been obtained in the study. The study is continuously being updated and expanded.

Car producers and suppliers are reengineering many applications these days to save a few grams or kilos. A lower car weight will not only increase the battery range but also indirectly decrease the costs for the expensive battery pack. Aluminium, with its properties, is bound to play a dominant role in order to bring the weight of electrical vehicles down.
Regardless of the process aluminium has been detected in various areas of electric vehicles and for the build up of its infrastructure. Mentionable are applications like battery housings, E-drives, inverters, BIW, and charging stations.

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Performed Lectures:

02.2011 – Landshuter Leichtbau-Colloquium, Landshut, Germany
05.2011 – VII World Congress On Aluminium, Bologna, Italy
05.2011 – JSAE Annual Congress, Yokohama, Japan