Sales On Demand Service For German Extruder

A midium sized German aluminium extruder (In the following “the client”) requested the support of the AluMag team to perform “Sales on Demand” service in Germany.

The main goal for AluMag was to detect about 40 promising customers for the client, interested in a face to face meeting and / or invitation to RFQ. The AluMag Aluminium Extrusion Customer Database was the basis for the clients acquisition round.


  • 250 potential customers were selected by the client from the AluMag Aluminium Extrusion Customer Database.
  • A technical presentation was designed for the client.
  • The technical presentation was sent to 20 potential customers per day by e-mail.
  • Presentation follow up by phone.

AluMag Achievements:

AluMag detected a total of 77 promising customers for the client. (The Initial target was 40 promising customers)

  • 12 enquiries was received
  • 8 meetings arranged (Including exhibition visits & meetings after successful quote)
  • 57 companies to consider the client for next RFQ loop.