Positioning of European Aluminum Caster Worldwide


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Lead Of Japan & China Projects

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Through several years ALUMAG® successfully positioned an European aluminum and magnesium caster by Japanese OEMs and Tier1 at worldwide locations. The client was a supplier of cast powertrain, BIW and supension applicastions.

Selecting key Japanese and Korean high potential customers to acquire new profitable business

  • First priority – Japanese OEMs located in Japan
  • Second priority – Japanese Tier1 and/or Japanese OEMs located in North America
  • Third priority – Korean OEMs

Each of the obove markets had to embrace the following Long term business in new series and applications

  • Long term business in new series and applications
  • Products need to have a significant content of aluminum
    HPDC / CVC or LPDC /CPC combined with CNC machining and client process application high lights