Jost GAERTNER, founder of AluMag,  was an apprentice as mining technician with the Deilmann and Haniel GmbH the TFH in Bochum for mining. After his research and diploma projects in the South African Gold Mining Industry, Jost graduated in mining and civil engineering in December 1989.

After one and a half year of experience as international marketing trainee at Austria Metal AG (AMAG), Jost worked for two years as Product Manager Europe and Executive Committee Member in Hydro Aluminium Automotive Structures GmbH.

In 1994 Jost started up his own business, the AluMag Automotive GmbH.

In 2007 Roberto BOEKER became Managing Partner of AluMag Automotive and Managing Director of AluMag Automotive LLC in Detroit, USA.

Roberto Boeker finished high school in Mexico City, and started an industrial / commercial apprenticeship at Hella KG in Lippstadt, Germany  and Bambury, United Kingdom graduating in 1988 with a Hella masters in economy.

After graduating he was appointed to the position of product manager for Hellamex S.A. de C.V in Mexico City, responsible for over 5000 different automotive aftermarket components.

1990 he returned to Frankfurt, Germany and joined Rockwell Golde GmbH as an international sales manager and later project manager in the roof systems division. 1996 Rockwell assigned him to a new facility in Brighton, MI USA were he stayed until 2000 in the capacity of sales, project and program manager positions servicing OEM‘s worldwide.

In 2000 he joined TRW in Farmington Hills, MI USA as a worldwide customer development manager responsible for the Daimler-Chrysler account.

In 2001 he joined and started Probend LLC, in Canton, MI USA and later PWG USA LP, in Aynor SC USA as a managing partner transforming aluminum extrusions into rails and frames for the sunroof and convertible manufacturers.

In 2007 he started his own consulting company US-Consulting which later that same year merged with AluMag and is now a managing partner with AluMag® Automotive LLC based in Canton, MI USA.

Today AluMag is offering market development services with a focus on the global market. AluMag’s services include Market Research, Roadshows/Events, Market Development and Strategic Localization. Operating business are in Europe, Americas, India, Japan, Korea and China.