Eu28 Top 15 GDC & LPDC Foundries


Managing Partner

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Tel: +49 172 6000569


Managing Partner

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Tel: +1 248 9625086


  • Within an overseeing period of time, client will run-out of orders for exciting process lines in the location XXX with casting cells in line and round tables
  • Client will get an entire overview about the market players and applications
  • Cylinder heads are not really in the clients focus. But, GDC & LPDC machines which are processing Cylinder heads today, could be used in future for any other products too. Means, this capacity / company will be looked at too
  • The research will consider entire Europe
  • The machines / area, which will run out of production, could be use with:
    • existing machines for new products
    • refurnished / modified existing machines for new products
    • new machines for new products


  • GDC and LPDC including hollow cast and counter pressure in Europe 28
  • Market player and their products / applications
  • Proposed application by AluMag®