Automotive Lightweight Application Database

System Database Presentation Picture

System Database IV

The database contains details regarding around 10.000 automotive aluminium, magnesium, steel & CFRP applications by car body variants (Supplier – Material – Process – Weight – Demand By Bodyvariant)

Application Focus Areas:

  • Exterior: Hood & bonnet, lid & tailgate, roof railing, door inner & outer structures, bumper beams, sunroofs …
  • Suspension / Steering / Braking: Suspension link-arms, knuckles/wheel carrier, sub frames/cradles/cross members, calipers,
  • BIW: Front & rear longitudinal carriers, suspension domes, A- / B- / C- pillars, cross members, …
  • Interior: Instrument panel beam / cross car beams, passenger airbag housing, cargo management systems, seat structures…
  • Power train: (Limited focus)

Trend Analysis

The Automotive Application Database is connected with AluMag in-house automotive production forecast. Accurate material demand analyses by model variant are generated by multiplying an application weight with yearly model variant production.

The direct connection with our automotive production forecast makes it possible to generate several data enquires:

  • Demand by material [aluminum, magnesium, steel, composite, carbon]
  • Demand by core processes [cast, extruded, rolled, forged, …]
  • Demand by OEM
  • Supplier market shares
  • Demand by application