Free VIP Badge

Symposium VIP Main Picture

Book your seat at the Automotive Lightweight Procurement Symposium before end of August and you will obtain a free VIP badge for the exhibitions:

  • Aluminium 2014
  • Composites Europe 2014

VIP Benefits:

  • Entry to the Aluminium 2014 & Composites Europe on all three days of the exhibitions instead of one
  • Parking place in the near vicinity of the exhibition halls
    (If a parking place is required please claim it in advance)
  • Free transfer between the Düsseldorf Exhibition Center and all three days:
    • Düsseldorf airport
    • Your hotel
    • Düsseldorf central station

    All three days instead of one

  • Garderobe & luggage service at the entrance to the exhibitions
  • Access to the VIP lounges for you and your companionship
    (incl. wireless lan and hospitalities)
  • Use of VIP counter at the entrance to the exhibitions
  • VIP hotline during the three days of the exhibitions

Further VIP benefits if requested:

  • Sending of the exhibition catalogue in connection with the show
  • Sending of the exhibition analysis after the show

jost-employeeBook your seat at the symposium now and obtain VIP status at the 2014 Aluminium & Composites Europe Exhibitions.