About AluMag®

AluMag® is “The Market Developer” that successfully penetrates new markets, creates business and localize leading supplier for your company. AluMag® access any promising markets and open doors for your business – regardless of region, market, application, material, process or product.

We are active around the world offering the following services:

  • Market Research
  • Roadshows & Tech-Events
  • Market Development
  • Strategic Localization

With our 4 business units we are capable of supporting any company in its quest to enter new markets or segments, no matter its current position in the market.
We provide market analyses to test market potential, arranges roadshows and events to showcase our client`s products, offer sales and acquisition support, and finally we support you in the buildup of a supply chain abroad.

With our support you are in good hands. AluMag has extensive knowledge and contacts as well as excellent references!

AluMag® makes you successful – worldwide!