Call For Papers


We are looking for papers about the process and supply chain incl. quality assurance, lightweighting and procurement e.g.:

  • Needs and ways of lightweighting in BIW and/or transmission and/or chassis/suspension
  • Will the market see different BIW and/or chassis/suspension materials in the various powertrain concepts like conventional , EV and hybrid
  • Scenarios of the total curb lightweighting in 2025
  • Metal purchasing including risk management
  • Analysis of cost drivers when buying lightweight solutions / materials and the elimination of these
  • Process and material cost analysis – Decision making for optimal multi material applications
  • Make or buy of lightweight components
  • Best cost country sourcing
  • Cost case studies / feasibilities about high strength steel vs. aluminum vs. magnesium vs. composites
  • Increasing price pressure through OEM platform, module and globalization strategy
  • Successful strategic supplier – selection – qualification – development/buildup
  • Cost reduction through the use of functional- / structural lightweighting, new materials, advanced processes
  • Challenges – Globalization of a middle sized lightweight technology leading supplier
  • Global quality improvement in accompany with lightweighting (and cost reduction)
  • Other topic you would like to present at the AluMag Symposium are welcome!

Please send AluMag your paper abstract and speaker information before end of April 2016 to ensure your position as a speaker at the AluMag Symposium. The abstract and paper documents to be presented must be written in English. As interpreter service is available for all attendees, your presentation can be performed in one of the following two languages. (English or Chinese). All lectures which aren’t presented in English are translated simultaneously.

As a speaker at the AluMag Symposium, you will be invited to stay at the  Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel in Shanghai, China during the course of the event. Your cost will be refunded in compliance with your company`s travel expense policy.

Presentation (Paper) Requirements & Deadlines

As a speaker at the AluMag Symposium please be aware of the following requirements and deadlines:

  • Title and abstract are needed as soon as possible (End of April At the latest)
    • Abstract max 200 words (English)
    • Vita in bullet point format outlining main career steps (English)
  • Full presentation document to be send latest June the 13th [needed for the print and interpretation]
  • Presentation duration:
    • Standard: 40 minutes speech
    • Keynote: 55 minutes speech
  • Presentation Language / Format / Layout:
    • Paper documents must be written in English
    • Slide size 16:9 [Preferred]
    • Type size 14 [Preferred]
    • PPT Office 2010 or younger [Preferred]
    • Written in English [Must]
    • Include the speakers contact data [Preferred]
    • In case of any video; mp4 or avi [Must]