Light Metal Foundry Database

Foundry Database:

AluMag as a provider of automotive forecasting, studies, research, and databases offers a new tool that provides market intelligence on Aluminum and Magnesium casting companies from all over the world.

Key Facts:

  • Foundry database listing actual 800+ facilities with contacts and detailed information as supplier source, competitor analysis or M&A target
  • Multiple locations of every company incl. HQ and plants
  • HPDC with locking forces focused from 800 tons up-wards
  • Considering the latest and advanced processes of cast hollow sections in HPDC and LPDC for structural applications

Data Per Company / Plant:

  • Full address with allocated filter for region, country and states
  • Contact person details incl. email
  • Share of cast aluminum and magnesium
  • Five clamping force ranges (HPDC)
  • Number of casting cells
  • Casting processes like, SC, GDC, LPDC, CPC, SQ, HPDC, HOLLOW SECTION
  • In-house engineering
  • In-house tool shop
  • Post cast processes e.g. CNC, assembly, heat treatment
  • Cast applications and products incl. pictures
  • Certifications
  • Number of employees
  • Kind of location
  • Key financial figures
  • Yearly capacity
  • Customer references
  • Affiliations to other companies like JV

Further criteria can be added according to your requirements….

Data Customization:

AluMag can supply the Foundry Database customized to every requirements, filtered  / selected / sorted like:

  • Regions e.g. Europe, North America, Asia or even more detailed.
  • Casting Processes e.g. High Pressure, Low Pressure, Sand Casting, Gravity Casting, Hollow Casting, Lost Foam…
  • Products e.g. cylinder heads, sub frames / engine cradles, transmission housings, engine blocks & housings….
  • Clamping Force Range (Only available for HPDC companies)
  • Additional Information like tool shop, CNC, heat treatment

AluMag has a huge number of high-class contacts to companies all over the world. AluMag localizes, analyzes and connects with new suppliers,  M&A targets according to any requirements.



  • Analysis and development of the light metal casting market around the world
  • Realize opportunities
  • Detect M&A targets
  • Benchmark competing companies
  • Search for processes, clamping forces filtered by countries and receive immediate answers
  • Reflects what is needed by the market
  • Supply-chain localization
  • Off the shelf study, based on the Foundry Database, personalized to any needs and flexible in customizing

Price Example / Case:

Scope: Analyze the N. American market for HPDC aluminum plants capable of supplying automotive suppliers or other technology leading industries.
Customization criteria: At least 800 tons clamping force | Casting at least one out of three selected automotive power train applications
Outcome: In all 73 groups with 115 HPDC aluminum plants were detected and analyzed

Price: 13,200 EUR excl. tax | 14,900 USD excl. tax | 1,600,000 YEN excl. tax | 98,000 CNY excl. tax